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Re: Soldano X77, Kitty Hawk or Bogner?

8/20/2000 4:40 PM
Re: Soldano X77, Kitty Hawk or Bogner?
Hi Dave,  
Joe Ls site is real cool. His pics of the X88 was what inspired me to want to build a rack mount preamp. I was only able to get my hands on a two space rack and I figure that two channels would be sufficient for my needs. I talked to Joe about the X88 and he said its a bit more metal sounding than the SLO 100 that we both have built each only the 50 watt version. I really like the sound of my SLO clone but I want to build a rack preamp that has a smooth singing distortion sound similar to my SLO clone. Im just wanting to see what other people have built and the end results of these different preamps. I think the SLO preamp is great but Ive heard people give good reviews to the bogner and kitty hawk preamp sound and it makes me want to find out if there is something still better out there that can do the smooth clean fender sound and a singing warm distortion sound. I guess the Ideal sound would be a distortion thats not to compressed but has that endless sustain and a flowing harmonic content with a very warm sound. and a clean sound that that can only be chocked up as fender can do.  
Im going to build on PCB since that is a easy task for me. Ive looked for material Like Joe used in the X88 but just couldnt find any. PCB is easy once you have mapped it out. Looks good to.  

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