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Re: Favourite Fender Master Volume Circuit

7/29/2000 8:30 PM
Steve A.
Re: Favourite Fender Master Volume Circuit
On a Fender you could probably add a terminal strip held down by the eyelet board mount screw.  
    A 5-lug terminal strip will work without attaching it to the Fender chassis (being held in place by the 4 coupling caps). Just bend over the mounting lug in the middle so that it doesn't short out against anything. (The middle lug is handy for attaching the shields from the cables going to the MV.)  
    As you suggested the purpose of this MV in a stock Fender amp is to be able to reduce the stage volume a bit, while leaving the preamp volume pots at the settings you like. You don't get the massive distortion of a modern amp with the pre-gain set high and the post-gain set low (... thank God! :D   )  
Steve Ahola

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