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Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long

7/23/2000 6:39 PM
Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long
Im bought some NOS preamp tubes from Lord Valve (AKA) fat Willy and I was sent noisy crappy NOS GE 12AX7S that were not worth using. I called him and sent them back and it took him two months and 3 emails and two phone calls to get my money back. That would be the last I ever deal with him.  
I currently by from Sovtek and yes sometimes I get a crappy tube or two but they always send me replacements real fast and the prices are cheap too. I cant complain on that kinda service. Seems to me that some of these people that like to hike the prices are only in this game for the cash and to (FUCK the customers). We as ampagers do not need this kinda bullshit. Just my two cents worth.