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Re: Construction techniques Questions

7/22/2000 1:16 AM
Re: Construction techniques Questions
1) How does everyone build their circuit cards and why do you pick your method?(eyelets, turret lugs, nails)  
For experimenting I like terminal strips and go totally P-P. For really building an original design I think turrets are best.  
2) What order do you typically install things in the chassis in? (sockets and heater wire, xformers, etc.)  
#1 is ground wire (if Fender that is) to chassis. I mount the trannies first and build the power (AC) section and then the eyelet card, sockets, then the pots/jacks/etc. Heater wire is probably last for me.  
I think this is right.. I never really thought about it. :-) Just be sure you have test fit everything and have all your holes punched/drilled just right before starting to assemble! Measure twice, cut once and all the usual rot. ;-)

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