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Re: Construction techniques Questions

7/21/2000 6:37 AM
Re: Construction techniques Questions
A couple years ago I was at an electronic supply store, I don't even remember the name of it. Anyway, at the front counter they had a bare bones CAD software package for people that just wanted to etch their own simple 1 layer PCBs, I seem to recall it costs under $20, I don't remember the name of that software package either. The point is though, the software is out there, try doing a Yahoo search for shareware PCB layout software. In the meanwhile, I'll keep my eyes open for it as well.  
For this kind of thing, I'm sure that even a simple paint program that comes with your computer would allow you to make component shapes, then copy and paste them around on the board. In the old days of pencil and tape layout, mockups of components you could move around to plan your layout were called "puppets". Doing this work on your computer saves your puppets from getting torn and keeps the coffee off the vellum, any time you want to recreate the board, just print out the file, lay it over your board material, (whatever that might be), and start drilling holes for you eyelets or turrets. If you have dialed in a small section of circuitry, you can reuse that section by pasting it into an all new amp design, saving you a lot of work.  
John Kelley Brown

Casey4s John K Brown,Thanks... -- 7/21/2000 7:30 AM