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Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!

7/20/2000 3:04 AM
Steve A.
Re: Lightning clone finished: ouch, high voltages!
    What about adding a few 9.1v/5W zeners between the PT CT and the chassis ground? I really like how they work in the FWB power supplies I've been building and you did originally suggest using them with center-tapped PT's...  
    Since you may not know the exact B+ of an amp until it is actually up and running it might be a good idea to wire up a string of these to the PT CT and then connect the chassis ground to the junction which produces the desired voltages. You can also wire this up to a panel mounted switch ("high and low voltage")and at least with the FWB power supply this switching has been dead quiet. (I don't see why it should be any different with a full-wave non-bridge power supply.)  
    Thanks for the tips on using these cheap zeners (I believe that Mouser sells them for under 50 cents apiece if you buy a bunch...) When you first mentioned these (1999? 1998?) I figured that you were just being cheap [ ;) ], but I think that they are a lot more versatile than the 50 watt stud-mount power zeners recommended by the "experts"! And much cheaper, too!  
Steve Ahola

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