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Re: EL84 in 5E3 circuit?

7/19/2000 4:42 AM
Steve A.
Re: EL84 in 5E3 circuit?
    I was told that EL84's get ugly sounding if you put more than 17vac on their grids. You might try adding something like a 150k "cross-line" resistor between the outputs of the power amp coupling caps (right where they meet the 220k grid load resistors). If the sound is too bright you could add something like a 500pF to 1200pF cap in parallel with the 150k resistor. YMMV so you might need to experiment with these values...  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Take a look at this picture from the 2/97 issue of GP. See the "V" with the twisted blue and green wires (which go to the grids of the EL84's)? To the right of the big PS filter caps...  
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