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7/19/2000 4:25 AM
Steve A.
    I picked up some multi-turn cermet pots at a surplus store that have leads as thick as a 1 watt resistor! Unfortunately I have no idea where you would order new ones like that. (I have two cheap ones that are missing leads that broke off when I was trying to mount them in my Peavey Classic 50... :(    )  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. One advantage with the multi-turn pots is that you can usually dial in the desired bias voltage without having to replace all of the bias resistors a few times until the voltage is in the proper range. (I usually end up replacing the resistor to ground just once to get it right. ;)    ) So if you don't mind experimenting with the bias resistors you could try using just a regular 10k trimmer. That of course depends on the amp... on a Peavey Classic 30 I really wouldn't want to take that mofo apart several times just to fine-tune the bias circuit!

DavidB Thanks for the info Steve, just don... -- 7/20/2000 1:03 AM