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Re: Construction techniques Questions

7/19/2000 1:24 AM
Re: Construction techniques Questions
This is simply my personal method for basic amp construction. Everybody has their own method of doing things.  
1) I use G10 circuit board material and turrets. I Personally prefer the turrets because for me they are easier to change componets when tweaking and for trouble shooting. There is nothing wrong with eyelets, it is a personal preference, what ever works for you.  
I draw my board layout on paper, actual size, (1 to 1) and use a copy as a template to drill the circuit board for turrets and mounting holes.  
2) I usually lay all the pieces out and make sure everthing fits with no conflicts with available "real estate." I decide where the circuit board will go, and drill the mounting holes for the stand-offs, then set the board aside until later.  
Now I punch out the holes for the sockets, transformers, pots, the dog house and board (if applicable) jacks, switches, fuse, pilot lite,etc, then mount all the those mechanical parts.  
Now I start wiring the chassis, starting with the AC cord, switches, fuse, power transformer, and rectifier. If you have filter caps in a dog house it is a good time to wire it up and feed the wires into the chassis, the same goes for the output transformer. I prewire all that I can on the pots and jacks, etc. then wire the heaters.  
I always stuff the circuit board outside the chassis then place it on the stand-offs, and wire the board to the pots, jacks and tube sockets. I usually work from right to left and I like to use another copy of my board layout and mark each step with a hi-liter, and note any changes to the circuit that may occur during construction.  
This is simply my 2 cents worth, I hope others respond to your query, I too would like to see how everyone else does this.  

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