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Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long

7/18/2000 8:12 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long
"He had 2x12's @ 16-ohms wired in series (the Crate amp's speaker jacks are wired in series) with the internal 2x12 4-ohm load for a total of 20-ohms on a SS output stage expecting 4 ohms. Anyone care to guess what happened?"
It put out less power? A ss output can run forever on an open load (zero power output) or anything between it's minimum impedance and an open load with no harm to the amp. If the jacks are truly in series in this amp then I doubt it blew up because of the impedance mis-match. It probably blew up because of bad solder or crimp connections, something I find in nearly every new amp built by a major manufacturer today.  

pumpstein According to the owner, ... -- 7/19/2000 11:50 PM