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7/18/2000 3:01 AM
Steve A.
    The real advantage with the multi-turn cermet pots is in adding them to a modern pcb amp (especially with the output tube sockets mounted on one of the boards). Unless the board is double-sided, you can probably fit them in where the bias resistors had been mounted... and you don't have to deal with flying leads and removing a chassis-mounted bias pot everytime you pull the boards out.  
    If your amp doesn't use pcb's and there is plenty of room I'd go with the chassis-mounted pots because they seem to be much more durable. Unless it is a vintage and you'd rather not drill another hole in the chassis. (BTW regular trim pots are easier to mount on an eyelet board; the leads on the cheaper cermet trimmers can be broken very easily...)  
Steve Ahola

DavidB Yeah the leads on the spectrol cerm... -- 7/18/2000 10:28 PM