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Re: Rabbiting the baffle

7/17/2000 6:04 PM
Re: Rabbiting the baffle
If you rabbit the baffle board in place it is essentially non removeable. Basically you rout grooves in the inside sidewalls of the cabinet and insert the baffle before you finish assembling the cabinet. Then make a seperate speaker grille.  
The easy way is to attach wood strip baffle supports,(sometimes called cleats) along the inside walls of the cabinet ( or blocks in the corners) and attach the baffle to that from the inside. You can either cover the baffle with grille cloth, or make a seperate grille panel, whatever suits you. There is nothing wrong with rabbiting the baffle, but I find it limiting if you need to remove it later to change speaker configurations to suit changing needs. But that is just my opinion.  
I have several photos showing various stages of cabinet constructon in several photo files at my URL.Look in the files marked Tolex Tutorial Cabinet, SB12, zzBRS, GA15, among others for details of the supports for the baffles and back panels.  
I hope this answers your question,