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Tree questions for a DIY 2 channel amp. Help please

7/16/2000 12:50 AM
Tree questions for a DIY 2 channel amp. Help please
I already started a new DIY amp. It is a two preamp channel Marshall type with double controls and a parallel fx loop. The out section is like a Marshall 2204, two EL34. All controls a double and switched via relay. I use a dynacord transformer set with 330-0-330V, a 100R choke and the OT . All boards are ready now, except the relay board and now it's time to drill the holes and before I go to this I have a few basic questions  
1. Because I build a two channel amp I want to know, if it is ok to go with the guitar "in" signal via the "normal" 68K grid stoppers to two tubes parallel and switch the channels after the master vol.  
2. The PWR T has a 55V Bias out, what voltage should be on the grid stopper of the pwr tubes? The supply I have build looks like this and has a range from -11V to -46V DC. It's ok?  
3. How can I explain my wife that the kitchen table is the best place to construct an amp?  
If you can answer one of these question you will help me a lot.  
Greetings from cold rainy Germany