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Re: Wicker Cane - Everything you needed to know......

7/14/2000 4:37 PM
Re: Wicker Cane - Everything you needed to know......
I came to the same conclusion about a year ago. I built a 5F6A clone in a Walnut cabinet and wanted te cane look grille. The folks I got my cane from (Country Seat) knew nothing about amps but told me the same thing about soaking it first and that works great. Most of the other "DIY" cane grilles,I've seen, sagged and looked terrible. I stained mine with a 50/50 mixture of Bullseye amber shellac and denatured alcohol. I might try the Minwax next time, thanks for the tip.  
Cane source  
Photos of my 5F6A wih Walnut and Cane  

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