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Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long

7/7/2000 4:42 AM
Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long
Still cracking up here reading this.Almost the same thing happened to me. In a music store looking to see what came out of pawn.. and they had some EL34G sovtek tubes.. I asked the price and he said  
28.oo..each!!!! I said, you mean a matched set don't ya.. nope!!! 28.oo ea. and he says.. matched to what ever amp uses EL34 tubes. I have heard one great sounding mesa head. And usually all the mesa's run their preamp tubes way up in voltage. And they don't last long.And some models are a pain to work on. Maybe the robo tube tester needs itself repaired..Or maybe giving an exact reading when it really isn't.. or maybe he tested all day with the same screen on the computer..they all were exacly alike!!