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Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long

7/7/2000 3:35 AM
Re: Mesa "special requirement" power tubes - long
"Wonder what those seven "exacting" tests were, and how long it predicted these EL84's would last? :)"
I'll take a few guesses:  
1. All weigh pretty close to the same; within spec  
2. Height matches  
3. diameter matches  
4. fits an octal base to close tolerances  
5. heater temperature as measured by observed color of light emitted is very close  
6. Electrons go **exactly** the same direction through all of them.  
7. All conduct at least X current when hooked up as diodes (oops - that does tell about cathode emission, so it could conceivably be useful)  
What do you think?

Richie Still cracking up here reading this... -- 7/7/2000 4:42 AM