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Re: OT for SE EL84 amp

7/4/2000 5:11 PM
Re: OT for SE EL84 amp
They will work fine for both tubes, with the EL84 being a better tube because of it's full power at lower B+ rating.  
Right, those OTs and PTs are not big enough to run both power tubes at the same time.  
You can do what you wanted with the switchable dual power tubes, but keep in mind a 6V6 takes a much larger preamp drive signal to turn on full bore and an EL84 requires much less then that... in other words if you optimize the preamp for the EL84, the 6V6 will always sound a little wimpy and if you optimize for the 6V6 the EL84 will go into unuseable and unmusical nasty over drive distortion pretty quickly.  
If you use the 6V6GT as the main tube, your  
"tube switching" would also have to send a bunch of the preamp signal to ground, or limit the signal before the grid of the EL84 somehow.  
Personally I like the SE 6V6GT sound better then the EL84 but I do both also.  

Dean Hazelwanter Thanks for the *speedy* reply, Bruc... -- 7/4/2000 5:53 PM