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Re: Cabinet plans

6/24/2000 5:00 AM
Re: Cabinet plans
My suggestion since you already have basic cabinetry skills is to ask the guys here who have a Vox like you have in mind to measure their amps and send you the dimensions. Or go to a music store with a tape measure and a note book. I have done this very thing a Mars, and nobody ever said anything.  
As far as how to do the piping, I am not that familiar with that cabinet so I'm no help there, but there is another BBS that may have someone to help you out. Go to the Weber BBS and go to the "Enclosures" board and ask there as well.  
I'm sure some of the guys here can offer more help. But the first thing is to build the box, and maybe by then you'll have enough input to do the finish work.  
The only thing I have worked on is Fender and Gibson, but the piping is pretty much the same as Marshall and a lot of the guys have done those.  
Good Luck...