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Hard to describe,PI paralel triode.

6/14/2000 12:07 AM
Hard to describe,PI paralel triode.
Hi everybody!  
After re reading the post about the paralel triodes,i tghought of something,first i would make a kind of phase inverter,with variable phase angle,plate normal output going to the first grid of the paralel triode,  
and the second output out of phase with the second,of0 to 179°,tuneable by a pot,going to the grid of the second paraleled triode.  
I thought of this after reading the part about thickening effect on the sound,due to the slightly different characteristics of the tubes.A circuit like described would affect the tone drasticaly?Like the harmonic content.  
If anybody is willing to participate,you're welcome.  
I have a concern,bout the variable de phasing effect,i don't know how to do this.  
Best regards.  

Max Hi again,and sorry!... -- 6/14/2000 12:12 AM