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Re: Chassis Questions

6/8/2000 12:05 PM
Re: Chassis Questions
For tube sockets, Greenlee punches. I think I paid $25? from Mouser. 3/4" for your novals (9-pin) 1-1/8" for your octals.  
Regular drill & bit(s) for pot holes, jack holes etc. For laydown trannies you can go a couple of ways. You can drill out the corners and then use a nibler tool to cut the metal. You can also drill around the perimeter and use a coping saw to finish the job.. Or drill a bigger hole in the corner and stick in a hacksaw.. mix and match. :-)  
There's likely to be a good bit of hand filing to be done which ever way you choose.

Matthew Springer How exactly does the punch work? -- 6/8/2000 4:37 PM