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Wiring up EL84's

6/6/2000 4:40 AM
Steve Ahola
Wiring up EL84's
    Can any of the "not used" pins on an EL84 tube socket be used as a terminal point to hold resistors like Fender does with their 6L6 sockets? In other words are any of these unused pins connected internally?  
Steve Ahola

eric i would just use a dmm to see if it... -- 6/6/2000 5:04 AM
BWilliamson I read somewhere that they are wire... -- 6/6/2000 5:53 AM
Carlo I use pin 1 as a tie point for the ... -- 6/6/2000 6:26 AM
Bryan James welp i want ahead and did that on m... -- 6/6/2000 6:40 AM