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Re: Building a 'clean' PI

6/5/2000 12:24 PM
Ray Ivers
Re: Building a 'clean' PI
That's a cool tube! I ran it thru TubeCAD and it seemed to like the lower B+ voltage (300 V) more than the others. I ended up with 33K plate resistors, 470 ohm common cathode resistor, 7.5 mA total current, for -118/+129 peak-to-peak AC out. I was able to go as high as 500 volts B+ before I started hitting problems with this tube; the voltage across the tube became excessive, so I had it pull more current, which caused high plate dissipation, etc. (I didn't want to just keep increasing the plate resistor). The 500 volt numbers were 39K plate resistors, 560 ohm cathode resistor, 10.5 mA, and 1.52 watts plate dissipation; signal swing was -200/+227 volts peak AC!  
Chris - this is an excellent tube to consider for your driver. Antique Electronics lists them for $2.75 each. The British military designation is CV5843.