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Re: Runaway Bias

6/5/2000 4:21 AM
Re: Runaway Bias
Thanks for the speedy reply.  
(1) Yes, I double checked all the pinouts.  
(2) Yes, I can read neg voltage on the "tube side" of the sockets.  
(3) I read the voltages,thru my bias probe so the sockets are good all the way thru.  
(4) Yes, I can get from -38.5 to -41.6 by turning the 25k pot.  
(5) The tubes are good, NOS, TV-7 tested, but I put a known good used pair of 6L6's in ther just to be sure, they biased at around 160 ma :o(  
(6) Not sure here...The screens have 534v and the plates have 535v. The original drawing calls for 475v on the plates and 470v on the screens, BUT, that was for a pair of 6L6GC's. The screens could be a "little" high but not really that much. I should still be able to get the bias in the ball park I would think.  
This has almost got to be some stupid oversite someplace.  
Let me make sure I have my head on strait here... if I INCREASE the neg voltage to the grids, this should drive the bias reading (ma) down right? or is my head up my @$$? A simple resistor change and I can get the base neg voltage up or down. Somthin' just ain't kosher.  
Thanks again RG,  
Any more suggestions?  

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