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Re: Euphemisms - Bathroom?

6/2/2000 4:26 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Euphemisms - Bathroom?
"The story I heard on "loo" is that at the time of WW1, US farmboy/soldiers in France saw the French custom of *numbering* the toilet with the special number "100" that was understood to be the toilet and was much more delicate than printing the words on the door.  
They go it almost right - they mistook the number "1" for an L, and we got "loo".  
Very interesting. My dictionary says that "loo" is French-related, deriving from lieux d'aisance... But I do have a war story: I've heard that the term "OK" started off during WWI, and was short for "zero killed," meaning that things had gone all right during a mission.  

Reid Kneeland Well, I heard that "loo" was a corr... -- 6/5/2000 5:53 PM