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Re: Star Grounding Example

6/2/2000 4:17 PM
Peter S
Re: Star Grounding Example
I've been using star grounding in all of my amps for the past 20 or 25 years, although I didnt know it. I always grounded them based on the fact that I didnt want any ground loops in the amps........It turns out that I was inadvertantly star grounding the amps. The only thing that I do different, is I ground the preamp cathodes, the filter cap for the preamp gain stages and the input jacks all directly to the chassis right next to the input jack mounting holes. The next ground in my amps is a star ground for the tone section and PI, and the filter caps for those stages. The main star ground in the amp gets the power tube cathodes, main filtercap,PTCT,etc. I never knew it was called star grounding until a few months ago, it just made sense to me to do it this way to keep the ground currents under control.  

Dave James Hi Peter,Thanks for... -- 6/2/2000 7:31 PM