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Re: cutting G-10 garolite circuit boards- ideas?

6/2/2000 3:55 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: cutting G-10 garolite circuit boards- ideas?
"i got a couple colored raw 1/16" G-10 boards to use for circuit boards and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on cutting them. i kinda want to avoid using a big table saw if i can. it isn't too thick, so i was thinking maybe there is something like a dremel attachment i could buy that would cut tru it easy. any other ideas?  
Chuck,this topic has been debated many times before. And there are as many answers as there are people who provide them...  
But here is my story: I have successfully cut 1/8" thick G-10 board with a handheld jigsaw with a metal cutting blade. I will admit that it takes a little pressure to get the thing to cut, but it does cut very nicely if you use high speed. I don't even have to clamp the board down, I hold it with one hand and the jigsaw with another one. If the edges turn out a litte coarse -- and they may -- I file them down with sandpaper after I'm done.