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Euphemisms - Bathroom?

6/2/2000 3:51 PM
Gil Ayan
Euphemisms - Bathroom?
"P.S. So "Los Gatos" is Spanish for "The Cats"? I always wondered why someone would name their town "Los Banos" since "Bano" is Spanish for "bathroom"... (I finally did get an answer to that just the other day; it seems that "Los Banos" is Spanish for "The Baths" rather than "The Toilets"...)  
Steve, "baƱo" always means "bath" in Spanish. It sometimes also means "toilet," depending upon the context it's used in and on where (geographically) you're speaking the language. Interestingly enough, Spanish is not the only language where people look for a substitute word for "crapper."  
In the US, we say "restroom." Now, have you ever taken a nap at the crapper in your office, or at an airport, etc.? I'll admit to reading a magazine on occasion, but I'd rather hang out outdoors, by some trees, where there's some fresh air to breathe. Restroom... whoever came up with that name? Then, in Canada, they call it the "washroom," and that kind of makes sense, although no one I know of washes the parts of their anatomy most in need of cleaning when engaging in cleansing activities at the washroom...  
Other all-time favorites like "loo," "head," "can," "water closet," all seem to belie what the real purpose of a "soiling room" is. Are there any "honest" languages out there, that really give appropriate names to things? ;)  

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