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Re: Star Grounding Example

6/1/2000 7:20 PM
Dave James
Re: Star Grounding Example
There's one thing that has been bugging me about this subject of grounding in guitar amps and it's this: my '65 Pro-Reverb and '66 Super-Reverb DON'T HUM. They hiss a bit, but do not hum. My '96 Crate VC-1210 (yes, I also have and use a Crate...) hisses a bit but doesn't hum.  
When I looked at internals, I found no star grounding whatsoever.  
So why do we, now, have to go to such great extremes in reducing hum?  
I've used "standard practices" in laying out my chassis, good quality components and "resonable grounding" techniques and I fight hum all the time.  
So, what gives?  
Confused in Los Gatos,  

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