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Re: What clone the best to build?

5/31/2000 6:51 AM
Re: What clone the best to build?
I'd say something.Build two amps in a single head.A kind of twin copy,with a normal fender preamp,then build the power section of a deluxe,add an another preamp to your taste.,and then with a litle switching,you're done,four amps in one.If you want the deluxe distortion,use the pre of the twin,and the pow of the deluxe.Well the clean is easy.But with a poist pi relay switch,you could have an another preamp pi,like a tweed bassman for example.  
How do you like the idea?  
Best regards.  

BWilliamson q{How do you like the idea?} -- 5/31/2000 9:15 AM