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What clone the best to build?

5/31/2000 12:41 AM
What clone the best to build?
I've built marshall clones and fender clones and even a Soldano clone. I guess the question is what do many consider to be the best over all versitile amp to build? I see lots of threads on the dumble clones but I have never heard a dumble unless it was on a recording. To me the Soldano is a nice hi gain amp but I miss having a great clean sound as I get in my Fender twin reverb. I want a amp to build that has a great clean sound and a very sweet distortion channel that has a sweet singing distortion that isnt metal sounding but warm with lotsa harmonic content and sustain. Lets hear those comments from you non metal players that have built some of these different clones out there. .......Thanks  

Peter S Mitch, I've built dozens o... -- 5/31/2000 3:59 AM
BWilliamson q{I want a amp to build that has a ... -- 5/31/2000 11:53 AM
Joe L I know what you mean Mitch, my twea... -- 5/31/2000 8:18 PM