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Music Man 150 watt Xfmr Specs

5/29/2000 2:54 AM
Ray Ivers
Music Man 150 watt Xfmr Specs
I got the feeling they don't have ANY in stock, and that was a 'fresh wind' price. If so, I think $95 is pretty cheap for a single unit. I was just grateful that any of these could be had, they're such weird transformers. Below are the specs Norm sent me:  
Primary 120v  
High Voltage Sec #1 Sil Voltage Doubler (F.W.) (2) 100mfd  
Brn- R/Y 710vdc @ .100a, 660vdc @ .275a  
Red- R/Y 440vdc@.275a  
Low Voltage Sec #2 org - yel- org  
Sil. Bridge (2) 150 mfd cap + - 42 V 0A 60V CT @ .1 RMS  
Filaments (2) 6.3V @ 6 A grn- grn/yel  

Bruce As an experiment, I bought a few su... -- 5/29/2000 6:56 PM