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Re: Max Rectifier Capacitance

5/28/2000 8:04 PM
Peter S
Re: Max Rectifier Capacitance
You won't lose the sag entriely, but keep in mind that if you parallel 2 recto tubes the current draw through the tubes will be split between the 2 tubes and therefore your sag will be roughly cut in half.....add some extra capacitance to that and you will have even less sag. All of my amps use tube rectos, or ss I can stick in an ss recto if I want. Using a GZ34 rectifier tube and a 50uf input cap I get a small amount of sag because the GZ34 has a low internal resistance, if I change it to a ss rectifier, there is not very much difference in sound because most of the power supply sag from either the ss recto or the GZ34 is actually coming from the voltage drop accross the power transformer. If I use 2 GZ34's in parallel, then I get a voltage sag that is nearly exactly the same as with a ss rectifier. If I use a 5u4.....then I get noticably more sag.

Bruce ....and if you want the extra filte... -- 5/29/2000 7:08 PM