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5/25/2000 9:34 PM
Ray Ivers
Win a Free Amp!
I saw an old Marshall once where someone had installed an effects loop, using two of the four input jacks. They ran a wire from the main input jack to the "send", then a wire ran from there to the shorting contact of the "return" jack, and then the tip contact ran to the input resistor of the first gain stage like the original guitar input jack signal did. I would never put in a loop like this, obviously, but I don't doubt that any non-technical owner of this amp would consider this a trouble-free and fully-functional effects loop, at least until he used an amp with a 'real' effects loop, which might then overdrive his pedals and have him wishing for his old loop again.  
I also think that in some amps there exist transition points between low and hi-impedance circuit nodes where a loop could be inserted just by clipping a wire and installing two jacks. I don't really think this would affect the sound at all, do you, Gil? I don't know if such a place exists in the amp mentioned, so I guess I don't get the free amp, although I can supply my address if needed. >:~)  
I personally believe that no overdrive should occur after an effects loop, but that's just me.  

Gil Ayan Free FX Loop, Ray :) -- 5/26/2000 12:29 AM