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Reverb and FX Loop

5/25/2000 8:09 PM
Gil Ayan
Reverb and FX Loop
"GIL and others: On the subject of FX loops. I have rebuilt many Fenders will onboard active FX loops, and they are quiet and stable. With proper lead dress, and shielded cables where appropriate, the amps were both quiet and stable. My manufactured "
Andy, I do believe that you can make them quiet and very stable -- many amps have active FX loops and reverb and sound great. What I think, and it is pretty much a fact, is that the dynamics of the amp will be completely different with the added plumbing. For starters, when you add a cathode follower to an amp, the sound will change, epecially when you overdrive the mofo. Perhaps at low to medium palying volumes the loop will be "transparent" (and I don't even believe that), but I am willing to bet one of my amps that there exists NO FX loop which will not add "something" to the sound of an otherwise trivial, simple design like D's.  

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