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Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!" (long)

5/25/2000 6:26 PM
andy fuchs
Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!" (long)
So many responses, so little time, not enough coffee.... Where to begin: Steve A I absolutely plan on a digital camera purchase soon. Any suggestions from the group for a reasonably priced camera for general bench-to-web uses (close lenses and such I assume are a must). TO RAY Ivers: Yes, I went to Ken's and we had a great time. He liked the amp I brought alot. We found it to be quieter than both the Bruno and K&M he had there. Ken will likely pick up one of my heads in the future. He's awaiting a modified Fender, that should reach him next week.  
We also opened the competitors amps for a quick peek, but it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on these amps in an open forum. As both were "glopped", I don't know much about the circuits. If you want to know more, drop me an e-mail and I'll share in a private forum. Ken advised that you and I share many of the same feelngs (if you know what I mean). I invite you to check out the insides when Ken gets his modified Fender from me late next week.  
I e-mailed your friend with the digital reverb cards (from NAMM) , have you been in touch ? I left a voicemail and sent e-mail's as well. I like the idea alot for possible production use.  
I know Norm at Schumacher from my days doing design work for Dynaco. He's very knowledgeable and they are nice people. I had thought that perhaps a small maker like myself wouldn't make the big-boys minimums, but I guess they have lowered their minimums, and my production is picking up. I wouldn't want to make an amp with those voltages in it, but I wouldn't mind using the output tranny's, as their pretty good. I only replaced one in all my years of service.  
GIL and others: On the subject of FX loops. I have rebuilt many Fenders will onboard active FX loops, and they are quiet and stable. With proper lead dress, and shielded cables where appropriate, the amps were both quiet and stable. My manufactured amps put the preamp and OD tubes up front behind the controls, with the FX loop and driver in the rear. This keeps lead dress short and the circuits are stable. I have also tried the "straight wire bypass" (audiophile jargon there) on the loop, and it doesn't contribute any apparent sonic losses. It's not an actual D*mblator, as I wanted my loop to be series or parallel switchable.

Gil Ayan Reverb and FX Loop -- 5/25/2000 8:09 PM