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Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"

5/25/2000 4:16 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"
"    My thoughts exactly! How many other amps can you think of that have an add-on FX loop that you have to purchase separately?  
Well, consider this: all of the Fender reissues have no FX loop whatsoever, neither do the majority of the boutique amps and the Marshall reissues, etc. So Dumble put the hooks for people to do what they please with the signal between pre and power amps, and started this practice in the early 70s. I don't think it was deliberate thing to "get more $" from his customers, he already got all he wanted with the sale of the amp! :)  
I have nothing to gain by defending a guy I met in passing once in my life -- and who later refused to sell me an amp, after I was "unable" (too much $ and resale value had not skyrocketed yet back then) to buy one form him the first time around. But I think we should be "fair" about this one, it'd be like saying that anyone who doesn't sell you an amp with a fully feature FX loop is looking to rip you off.  
Furthermore, the majority of Dumble users were L.A. studio guys -- at least in the 80s. None of these guys will process the signal before it hits the tape, so to the majority of the users, the lack of a buffered loop was not an issue to begin with (and how many amps had buffered loops in the 80s? None?). Same with reverb; when Boogies came out in the 70s, everyone in L.A. had one. The majority of those amps did NOT have the reverb option, because for recording they would use expensive reverb instead, and for live playing... well, reverb is really not a must for live IMHO.  

andy fuchs Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!" (long) -- 5/25/2000 6:26 PM