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Re: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!

5/25/2000 3:51 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!
"Hi Gil,  
I meant that the 70s channels has less volume compared to the skyliner. I just switch between the outputs of both these channels and the skyliner is louder."
Dominik... in the case of the overdrive, the old Dumbles are like Boogies: the overdrive lead master feeds the overall amp's master volume. So, you have that... In the later amps, with the extra EQ, the lead channel output goes to its own EQ, and to its own master volume which then goes directly to the PI input. That is the reason one seems louder than the other.  
Of course, the reason that is done is because the later mode has a huge loss at the extra EQ, and you couldn't wire that into two masters and balance the volume of the channels.