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Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"

5/25/2000 1:37 AM
Steve Ahola
Re: Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"
To me it was an afterthought by dumble so he could sell dumbleator to all the players that have his amps.  
    My thoughts exactly! How many other amps can you think of that have an add-on FX loop that you have to purchase separately?  
    As for Gil, he built a dead-on copy of the ODS amp (probably better than the original!) so there was really no room for the added jacks, pots and tube socket. But if you were going to design your own amp you could incorporate the Dumbleator into your plans. (I would suggest a full bypass switch so that you could take the D-ator out of the circuit completely.) The added tube stages will lower the B+ rails going to the preamp tubes so you would want to adjust the PS resistors accordingly.  
    H.A.D. had mentioned back in 1982(?) that the layout was very critical for his amps. You obviously couldn't follow the construction techniques used in a BFSR and expect no problems with a high-gain distortion amp like the ODS. But things have changed radically since 1982 and through the internet (and AMPAGE!) a lot of us have learned of the construction techniques necessary for any high-gain amp (like Joe L. and his SLO100 clones- probably 10x touchier than the D-ODS circuits). If you know how to build a high-gain amp successfully, you could come up with a layout for a D-ODS w/ Dumbleator that would probably be as good as anything that H.A.D. designed. Unless the wooden board he uses for the preamp circuit imparts some magic "mojo" to the sound... < grin >  
    Thanks! (I didn't realize that you were the same Dave B. who just mailed me the schematics on the Seymour Duncan amps plus some other goodies!)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Back in 1982, the people who really knew how to build guitar amps maybe showed their tricks to a few helpers and they might share their knowledge with a few colleagues they'd run into, but I believe that the trade/art/science was very closed, almost like a guild that you had to be born into in the middle ages... Although some of the amp builders here might be very secretive about their proprietary designs (which is okay with me!), they are very helpful in sharing the techniques they have developed in building amps. This global sharing of experience, knowledge and technique just wasn't happening back in 1982... Hooray for AMPAGE!

Gil Ayan q{    My though... -- 5/25/2000 4:16 PM