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Re: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!

5/23/2000 7:30 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Old Styl Dumple OD: ears ringin!
"Keep in mind the circuit I'm working with is in a 71/2 x 5 metal box and the master for the OD citcuit is about 1/4" from the plate resistor. If this circuit was in a full size amp I think longer lead lengths and other factors would add capacitance and change how we are tone tweaking.I'm also using a regulated supply which may add to the high end. With the .0035 cap in place I still need to turn the tone control down on the guitar on the treble pickup to keep my ears from bleeding. This is playing into a princton reverb with treble and bass on 5 with an EV 12" speaker. Believe me there is plenty of high end!  
I before I installed the regulated supply I had a .001 cap on the plate of stage two. I usually don't use a larger value than that. In this case however the .0035 works well.  
Ahhh... I was referring to the "actual" circuit, of course, if there are some other changes there, anything could be "right." :)  

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