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previous: Steve Ahola Re: Dumble Clone Parts: Trannies etc... -- 5/23/2000 6:03 AM View Thread

Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"

5/23/2000 6:15 AM
Gil Ayan
Dumbleator and "Send in the Clones!"
Dave: if I were you, I would build the Dumbleator separately. Keep the amp simple.. otherwise you will have to modify the power supply to get the right voltages there. The extra cost would be about $30 for a 1-space rack chassis, but overall, you'd be better off....  
Stevie: "Send in the clones.." you crack me up! :)  

Jamie any chance there are any Steve Tayl... -- 5/23/2000 9:40 AM
Dave B. Gil,Correct me if I'm wrong... -- 5/23/2000 3:37 PM