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Lookig for 12v....?

5/22/2000 3:14 PM
Lookig for 12v....?
I am in the process of building an Ampeg SB-12 clone/variation. It started life as a 2x6L6 amp, then to get a little more headroom I went to 2x7027A, but now I decided to use a pair of GE NOS 6550s. The problem is that the cabinet (head) is already completed (ID=15"x8"x8") and the chassis is 13"x7"x2". With the 6L6s or even the Tung-Sol 7027s there was adequate room for VENTILATION! But with the taller fatter bottles of the 6550s with increased heat from twice the heater current, then add in 2x12AX7s and a GZ34, it seems like a lot of heat. I do have room for a small computer fan that would really make a difference in heat dissipation.  
Where do I find a power source for the fan without toasting the fan? I initially thought I would simply hook it up to the filiment supply, but something says too much "current"!!! and I don't want to get a "wall wart" in the act. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a better way to get a fan in there? Obviously I don't want a noise problem from either the fan itself, or from the fan reaking havvoc with the circuit.  
Suggestions appreciated...  

anonymous casey,how much room... -- 5/22/2000 3:25 PM