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Re: Cleaning up/ Played live

8/20/2000 9:02 PM
Ed Rembold
Re: Cleaning up/ Played live
At the time I modded the Insanity, until  
just this last friday, My opinion was that my  
modded version was my best dist. pedal.  
I got a chance to play out live again this past friday ,and as we all know- playing live changes  
I took along my "458" ST, that thing put "my"  
Insanity to shame, in every area but one- In the area of low drive tone, and the ability to clean up  
with the guitar volume pot.  
In this area my Insanity was better, but not enough  
to warrent the difficult build and tune.  
That said I'm going to "re-focus" my efforts  
back to a fet style pedal.  
In case anyone wonders, the need was to cover,  
Plankeye, Stavesacre, and P.O.D. to give you an idea  
of the "gain" involved.  
I said all that to say this- Aron, build that thing  
Only if you have the time.  
Ed R.

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