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univibe pwer questions

8/12/2000 7:02 PM
univibe pwer questions
Well i am finallyu gonna start on my vibe clone with the RTS board from goefex.  
I have some questions though  
IT says to use a wall wart for the power supply but i was wondering if i can use a transformaer and wire it inside the enclosure and have a normal 2 or 3 prong cord.  
What transormer can i use?(mouser stock number?)  
How do i wire and do i have to run the transforer through anything.  
my second question is how do i wire the borad for the power?  
IT says do not groung either side, do this mean run positive into both sides or what? I am unclear of what to do  
thanks for all the help

R.G. Morgan, this is not meant as critic... -- 8/12/2000 9:38 PM
Morgan ok i think i will use a wall wart u... -- 8/12/2000 9:59 PM