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previous: Bart RG,The ROSS, RG, not the MX... -- 8/12/2000 3:34 PM View Thread

Re: Ross compressors

8/12/2000 4:42 PM
R.G.Re: Ross compressors
Yes, Bart, I fully understand that the ROSS is what you were interested in, not the MXR. I also fully understand that you could trace it but that the component VALUES would be useful.  
My apologies on the times. "A day or two" can loosely be translates as "in the near future as the demands of my day job and personal time allow" not as "within the next 48 hours". I can see how that could be confusing, though. Again my apologies. My job has been enough fun that I hadn't notices "about five days" passing by. 8-)  
"I set tracing out the ROSS aside, figuring it wouldn't take long to edit in the few different values."
Let me again apologize for wasting your time.  
"Did I misunderstand your post?"
No, I don't think you did.

Bart RG,No time wasted, unless y... -- 8/12/2000 5:55 PM