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Re: tiny little amps/opamp selection

8/9/2000 3:00 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: tiny little amps/opamp selection
I built a little practice amp for a friend's kid with a 386, and damn that thing is loud. I'm serious. Give it a decent cabinet, efficient speaker, solid power (I used 8 AA's) and a fuzzbox, and you'll have the neighbours complaining very quickly (make sure to heat sink it).  
If you want to run it off a 9v battery, though, I think you'll have to be content with modest power. There is only so much current that even the best 9v battery can deliver.  
Trust me, if there was a way to have a *loud*, powerful, clean practice amp that ran off a 9v, you'd see them everywhere. But you don't, do you?

bor well, 8 AAs are a little excessive.... -- 8/9/2000 4:29 PM