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tiny little amps/opamp selection

8/9/2000 2:44 PM
tiny little amps/opamp selection
howdy! beginner foo' here. getting ready to build myself a little low-wattage SS "head" based on the Sm*k*y circuit.  
the Sm*k*y uses a 386, and pretty much looks exactly like the Cyber Man power amp circuit that was being discussed a day or so ago in here. i'd like more power than a quarter-watt, and i noted suggestions for the LM380 and a handful of others as higher-powered replacements for the 386, but even the 5w 380 wants at least 10V.  
i'd like to be able to run my "head" off a single 9V cell. are there any other direct substitutes that i could plug in the spot of the 386 to inject a little more cleanliness into my filthy, filthy lifestyle?  

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