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Re: backwards effect

8/1/2000 5:54 PM
Re: backwards effect
I've heard thet the Guyatone is a close copy of the slowgear, so it probally doesn't swell the tone.  
Also, a reverse effect should have some sort of "pick attack" emulator at the end and abruptly stop. The slowgear didn't have a "click" so I figure neither will the guyatone.  
If I can ever figure out how to get rid of the electronic switching in the SG1, I want to build one. (there's only one switching FET as opposed to the usual 2 in boss pedals, I can't figure out how it works and what parts I could remove). If I ever do get around to it, I would like to add some audible "pick noise" simulation. Any idea on how to do something like this?

Gus I have a line6 DM with reverse very... -- 8/1/2000 11:58 PM