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fuzz face is unbelievable

7/28/2000 11:31 AM
fuzz face is unbelievable
G'day all  
I post a thread here a couple of weeks ago re: Fuzz Face with silicon tran's. after a couple of glasses of white tonight I re-built my fuzz face with Q1 2n3904 and Q2 BC108 it sounded terrible. As I was putting my guitar down with volumne up I knocked the perfboard and broke the fuzz 1k pot lead out of the crt,all of a sudden this thing jump to life. It has the most beautiful sustain and drive; I think I might leave it as is .I have never heard germaniums before being from Perth Western Australia they are like rocking horse poo.  
Sorry to carry on but I am so pleased with it.  
Ps thank's RG, JD, Ed re:last thread.

Gus That is why I put a bias pot in my ... -- 7/28/2000 12:28 PM