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Voodoo lab OD

7/25/2000 5:46 PM
Voodoo lab OD
I tried a bunch of OD's today, trying to find one to replicate the tone Chili Peppers guitarist John Fruciante gets on the solos to "If I Only Lied". Sounds like he's using a tweed or something. One that came pretty close was a VL OD, which I used to own, but forgot about, so I came home and threw one together on perf board. A couple questions:  
1) When the drive is maxed it squeals uncontrolable, even when bypassed! (I did use true bypass.) I figure I must have a bad ground somewhere, but everything looks OK. I used a linear 500K for the drive and a Linear 50K for the level (some reason the audio pots I have didn't work well with this!?!)  
2) I would like to put a Sweet thing Tone control in this to add some Mids and to add Highs at lower drive settings. Can the ST be added to this pedal? If so any advice on where to connect the 2 tone inputs?  
3) Any mods to get a little more dynamic control of the OD, so playing softer is a bit cleaner with this effect?  
Also any mods anyone has for this would be welcomed ( I guess its similar to a DIST + and DOD OD)I plan to breadboard it when I get off work tonight.

aron #1, separate your input and output ... -- 7/25/2000 8:29 PM
jason What schematic did you use? The one... -- 7/25/2000 9:43 PM