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Re: What do people use to store their parts?

7/21/2000 1:41 AM
Re: What do people use to store their parts?
Walmart has very inexpensive clear parts trays in the sporting goods department which have hinged lids that snap down tight. They come with fixed dividers which go across longways and slide in dividers that go front to back. That is really handy if you buy ICs in tubes - skip the slide-in dividers for at least some rows and just cut the tubes to fit the length of the box. I stick little labels on the tubes and wrap tape over them so they won't fall off if the stickum dries up.  
You can see (and find) what you've got without a lot of pawing through the trays.  
I second the 60 drawer cabinets for resistors and caps. My pots, jacks, switches and other hardware type stuff are all in baggies in those milk crate type boxes. I just paw through them when I need something. I figure it would take too much room otherwise. Tostitos sauce jars are great for stuff that rusts because they have a rubber seal that will keep moisture out.  
Perhaps more than you wanted to know, too...  

Pete Sauce jars - that's where I've got ... -- 7/21/2000 3:07 AM